About the department:


An extensive study on the synthesis of biologically active natural products and their analogs is carried out in our laboratories. Also structural analysis of these compounds with different available methods such as NMR, MS, IR, Raman, UV is carried out. Various chromatographic methods, e.g. HPLC, GC, GPC, are employed in these investigations.  Physicochemical analysis of prepared materials includes TEM, TGA, DSC, etc. The scientific instruments are not used only for the research purpose but are widely used also by undergraduate students. Our staff includes six professors representing complementary scientific specialties.

Research interests:

Research interest

Our research is focused on:

- New reactions of steroidal sapogenins, synthesis of new derivatives of steroidal alkaloids, cytotoxic saponin OSW-1, bile acids, curcumin. Chemistry of vitamins A and D.

- Application of olefin metathesis in the synthesis of natural products and their analogs (e.g. carotenoids, retinoids, curcumin derivatives). Synthesis of molecular rotors based on steroid compounds.

- Electrochemical synthesis of cholesterol (and other sterols) glycosides and glycoconjugates. Electrochemical and chemical sugar cholesterylation.

- Chemistry of vitamins E and K. New reactions of a-tocopherol. Synthesis of model a-tocopherol derivatives for structural studies using NMR (in solution and solid state) and circular dichroism spectroscopy. Synthesis  of a-tocopherol and a-tocotrienol analogs with modified alkyl chain (phytyl or farnesyl), dihydropyranyl ring and carbocyclic analogs. Synthesis of vitamin K analogs and relatives.

- Preparation of new imidazolidinium salts. Synthesis of new olefin metathesis catalysts with modified isopropoxybenzylidene or/and N-heterocyclic carbene ligands.

- Stereoselective synthesis of 2,5-cis-disubstituted tetrahydrofurans by using ring-opening metathesis of 7-oxanorbornene or intramolecular cyclization of simple sugars for the synthesis of natural isoprostanes and neurofurans.

- Conformational analysis using spectroscopic and theoretical methods.

The results of our studies are published in highly reputed scientific journals. In the case of innovative studies of practical importance the patent protection of results is considered prior to publication.

Head of the Department
Academic Staff
PhD students

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