About the department:

The Department of Polymers and Organic Synthesis carries out research on the synthesis of polymers and polymer-inorganic hybrids of the magnetic core-polymer shell type and organic synthesis of compounds with biological activity. The subject of scientific interest are also intermolecular interactions investigated by spectroscopic methods with the use of computational methods. The following methods are used to assess the physicochemical properties of polymers and organic compounds: spectroscopic (NMR, MS, IR, Raman, UV-VIS-NIR, spectrofluorimetry), thermal (TGA, DSC), microscopic (TEM, SEM, AFM), chromatographic (MPLC , HPLC, Flash) and trubidimetry (UV-VIS), nitrogen porosimetry, CHNS elemental analysis, XRD, DLS and others.


The Department consists of three independent researchers:

dr hab. Agnieszka Z. Wilczewska, prof. UwB  - Head of the Department

     prof. dr hab. Ryszard Łaźny

     dr hab. Alina T. Dubis, prof. UwB

               Research and teaching staff:

               dr Karolina H. Markiewicz

               dr Iwona Misztalewska-Turkowicz

               dr Urszula Kiełczewska

               mgr Paweł Misiak

                        Engineering and technical staff:

                        dr Michał Sienkiewicz

                        dr Karol Wołosewicz

                       mgr Piotr Moczulski

                       mgr Barbara Seroka

                       mgr Joanna Wołosewicz


                                 mgr Izabela Kurowska - Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences

                                 mgr Dawid Szymczuk - Doctoral School of Exact and Natural Sciences

Research interests:

Scope of the research:

  • Well-defined and characterized polymer materials in terms of their physicochemical properties.
  • Synthesis and analysis of organic-inorganic hybrids containing a magnetic core and a polymer coating for biomedical applications and organic catalysis.
  • Synthesis and analysis of polymers containing fullerenes and other nanoparticles in their structure.
  • Synthesis and analysis of selective polymer sorbents capable of selective sorption of organic compounds and metal ions.
  • Modification of the physical properties of polymers (glass transition temperature, polarity, sensitivity to stimuli) and chemical properties.
  • Designing of materials in terms of their chemical selectivity and stability.
  • Methods of physical and chemical immobilization of functional groups as well as active compounds in polymer materials and on nanoparticles.
  • Researching the thermal properties of materials (Thermogravimetry, Differential Scanning Calorimetry).
  • Infrared spectroscopy - transmission and reflection techniques, Raman spectroscopy.
  • Conformational analysis using spectroscopic methods and theoretical calculations.
  • Study of intermolecular interactions with spectroscopic methods and the application of the QTAiM and NBO theories.
  • Synthesis and analysis of new organic conductors.

Implemented Grants:

"Zonal thermosensitive star polymers based on steroids and saccharides as modern drug delivery systems.", implementation period February 2021 - February 2024, PRELUDIUM 19 (2020/37/N/ST5/02140). Location: University of Bialystok. Head of the project - mgr Paweł Misiak.

"Two in one – novel fluorescent polymers for simultaneous imaging and drug delivery.", implementation period September 2020 - September 2024, OPUS 18 (2019/35/B/ST5/03391). Location: University of Bialystok. Head of the project - dr hab. Agnieszka Wilczewska, prof. UwB.

"Novel stimuli-responsive block copolymers for smart drug delivery systems.", implementation period March 2017 - February 2021, OPUS 11 (2016/21/B/ST5/01365). Location: University of Bialystok. Head of the project - dr hab. Agnieszka Wilczewska, prof. UwB.

"New nanoparticles with superparamagnetic properties as heterogenic palladium catalysts for reactions performed in water.", implementation period March 2017 - March 2020, PRELUDIUM 11 (2016/21/N/ST5/013/16). Head of the project - dr Iwona Misztalewska-Turkowicz.

"Polymer-stabilized magnetic nanoparticles (PSMNPs) for biomedical applications.", implementation period 2015 - 2016, International research project POLONIUM, Hubert Curien Program, No. 35550ZD. Location: University of Bialystok, Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse III). Head of the project: dr hab. Agnieszka Wilczewska, prof. UwB, prof. Mathias Destarac.

"Formation of new carbon nanotube-based ion-imprinted polymers (CNT-IIP).", implementation period 2015 - 2018, PRELUDIUM 7 (2014/13/N/ST5/01563). Location: University of Bialystok. Head of the project: dr Karolina H. Markiewicz.


Department of Polymers and Organic Synthesis and Laboratory of Modern Technologies for Synthesis and Analysis of Polymers BioNanoTechno UwB equipment: GPC/SEC gel chromatography, HPLC chromatography with DAD, DSC differential scanning calorimeter, TGA thermogravimeter. Melting point apparatus, UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer, nitrogen sorbometer, polarimeter with temperature attachment, polymer synthesis reactor, MPLC, gradient flash chromatography, isocratic flash chromatography, microdistillers, FT-IR spectrophotometer, Raman spectrometer, lyophilizer.

Head of the Department



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